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Sports and Athletes Mira Mesa

Are you a golfer, runner or swimmer? Do you enjoy bike riding or doing motocross? If you’ve had an injury, you want to return to your sport as quickly as possible. Dr. Bob at Johnson Chiropractic Mira Mesa can help you get there.

Minimizing the Stress of Your Activities

Dr. Bob understands the biomechanics of the human body. It allows him to have expertise in the strains your sport puts on your body. You won’t have to worry about quitting your active lifestyle. There may be changes you can make, such as switching it up with swimming, biking and other lower-impact activities. Dr. Bob will make his recommendations to you based on your situation and prescribe exercises to help you heal and strengthen your body.

The Danger of Repetitive Motions

If you play a racquet sport, baseball or golf, you’re performing the same motion in a single direction. Your body is moving clockwise or counterclockwise. We’ll teach you to complete those same motions in the opposite direction. If you have a racquet, for example, you can switch it up and swing with the other hand.

Stretch bands and exercises can work the muscles on the other side of your body so that your swing isn’t slowed down. We can even watch a video of you doing your sport to locate any potential problems that are causing you pain.

What Are You Putting in Your Body?

Exercising is a vital part of enjoying good health. But you must also consider your dietary needs. Dr. Bob can provide you with nutritional support. If your diet encourages inflammation in your body, it’s working against the healing we’ll do in the practice and with your at-home exercises. We’ll discuss the diet that’s appropriate for you.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to schedule an appointment for sports and athletes Mira Mesa!

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